Genesis magazine Radio is a subsidiary of Genesis Magazine and it is owned and operated by the Calliste family John, Natakie and Genesis Calliste and is supported by KeneticGlobaltecTech and Joel.



This radio station was envisioned from 2002 when we began Genesis magazine by my late wife Lydia Annsyl (Belle) Calliste and I. It took us twelve years for it to become a reality with the support of My wife Natakie  My daughter  Genesis  and with the technical support of Brother Kennedy Toussaint ... In 2003 KeneticGlobalTech created the original website for the Genesis magazine along with Andrew Buchanan, and not forgetting Brother Ronald Blake , Pastor Owen McPherson and Pastor Celestine, brother Arnott, brother Wayne and Sister Audrey, Tanika A Chambers and Akelia  Jack  .It’s your internet radio station a station where you can feel free to express your view on any topic of spiritual, political, religious and Godly principles as far as the word of God is concerned without fear of anyone but God.  We are committed to getting the word out about your upcoming events and news. Through interviews, announcement, and internet banner advertising keeps you informed and entertained connected to what is happening in the world and community. We are committed to every one of our listeners by providing quality programming that will educate and liberate them from occupational and economic slavery.


 We are excited about the future of GMRFM just like a parent to their newly born baby, we see a bright future for us and the many individual and businesses that will partner with us as we grow and move into a bright future.


This radio station has taken 12years to become a reality. We have had many setbacks, one of which was the passing of my late wife who was very instrumental in the creation of the magazine and the planning and developing of the magazine and radio station, but we kept on going and dreaming of a day when we will give birth to a dream that we were conceived with for so long, but we never gave up we kept on believing and dreaming of the day when it will all come together.


We envision a world, where the under privilege will have the privilege that they never had before to express themselves. Because we will make a difference in the life of our listeners and that they will be transformed by the content and quality of the programming that we present to the world with excellence.


A world where GMRFM will be instrumental in delivering the word of God in excellence and souls will be saved.


An environment where new leader will find a place to develop their skill and talents for the advancement of the future generation.of the day when it will all come together.


Our mission is to represent the kingdom and the word of God in excellence to reach one person at a time  and to bring out the gift and talent in all people that we are exposed to  as we  communicate  through this medium of expression.of the day when it will all come together.


To the many people, that believes in me and my dream. To my late wife Lydia, Annsyl (Belle) To my loving  Wife Natakie and my lovely daughter Genesis for their continued support;  staying up late at night  taking the time to put the program together, To brother Kennedy Toussaint  for being obedient  to the  spirit of  to reach out and assist in the delivery of my dream I have conceived with for twelve years  to Joel and Sheboo who were and are still is an integral part of making the dream a reality and a success as we continue to evolve into becoming the number one  online family radio station of choice for all people the world over. I am very grateful for every one of you that have contributed   to making the radio station a reality. To my co-workers Gerry, Lex, Annabelle, Marshall, Joel, Paul, Matthew for your help in developing the logo, for your words of encouragement I say thanks to all of you for believing and encouraging me to pursue my dreams. 


To the many individuals, that will join us, we anticipate your arrival and contribution in making Genesis magazine and radio station a success for you and for us. Come and join our team, as we seek to Educate and liberate the hearts and mind of the people throughout the world. 




Thank you 

John Calliste D'Sheriff

Genesis Calliste

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